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Set Your Website In Order

Set Your Website In Order

Teacher: Candice Pardue

One thing that will kill the potential for a website is the lack of order for the web pages - especially the homepage.

If you're going to design your own website, be sure that you find a pattern that will be appealing to your visitors and design your website to follow the pattern.

You'll be amazed at the difference between the success of an organized website and a disorganized website.

Here's why:

The organized website clarifies purpose and grabs the attention of the "target" visitor right from the start. Organization allows your visitor to relax and settle in to read the presentation, click on links, and simply enjoy your website without worry.

The disorganized website confuses the visitor, brings stress, and often times causes the visitor to click out to go somewhere else quickly. Once a visitor views your homepage, you've made your impression on

him/her - and it's an everlasting one. Remember, you will not be able to stand over your visitors' shoulders as they view your website and explain what you meant to "say" or "do" on your site. The site itself must explain, clarify, and lead your visitor to the goal.

How to Set Your Website in Order:

Below are five simple pointers to help create an organized website that your visitors will enjoy:

1. State the purpose of your website at the very beginning of the homepage.

2. Give a description, welcome, or presentation of your website on the homepage if possible.

3. If you have a banner on your web page, place the banner/graphic at the very top of your page, before "any" writing (including your headline), or at the very bottom of your web page, after your entire presentation.

4. Place your navigation links on the left or right side of your web page. You may also place links at the top and/or bottom of your page. But, try to avoid placing navigation links or graphics in the middle of your web page presentation. This will distract the visitor from reading the important information about your website.

5. Narrow your website to only a few products which compliment one another. Concentrate on these at first, and then expand to other "related" products once you've built a solid visitor base.

The five above tips are given from experience. I've had to learn these methods through trial and error, but you can now learn from my experience and begin your new website with organization and an appeal to your visitors.

Use these tips to make a lasting impression on your visitors, and increase your potential for website success.

About the teacher:
Milana Nastetskaya is a full time web and the author of two books: "Create Your First Busines Web Site in 10 days" and "65 Instant Web Design Answers".


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