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How to Create a "Close Window" Button for Your Web Page

Teacher: Candice Pardue

Previously, I wrote an article revealing how to cause your web page to open up in a new browser window by inserting a special html link code.

If you missed that article, or forgot about it, you can read it online by following the link below:

Read Article: How to Cause Your Web Page to Open Up In a New Browser Window

The "Close Window" button allows your visitors to return to the previously viewed web page by clicking the button instead of clicking on the "X" at the top right corner of the browser window to exit the page.

Having a button that says "Close Window" will highly increase your return rate to the previous page. This simple button gives the customer little choice but to come back to the previous page

he/she was viewing. It aids in helping you reach your goal with your visitors and building an effective website presentation.

To view a real working example of the "Close Window" button feature, follow the link below:

Click Here to View Example

Simply click on the link available at the sample test page number 1 and a web page will open up in a new browser window containing the "Close Window" button for you to test out.

When you click on the "Close Window" Button, notice that you'll automatically return to the previous page naturally (Test Page 1).

This prevents awkwardness for beginners who may be visiting your website. You'd be surprised at how many online viewers still don't know how to close browser windows and open up new ones.


Insert the following code "as is" into your web page html using copy and paste where you would like to position your "Close Window" button on your web page:

---Begin Code---

<form method="post">
<input type="button" value="Close Window"

--- End Code---

I realize that I take many things for granted online because I've been surfing the net a while and designing web pages also. But, there are many beginners online who don't know the first thing about surfing the net.

Keep this in mind while designing your website and create an easy to navigate, simple site that beginners will appreciate.

About the teacher:
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