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5 Ways to Incorporate Auto Responders

5 Ways to Incorporate Auto Responders

Teacher: Candice Pardue

What are auto responders? Auto responders are the automatic responses you get when you send someone an email. There are many uses for these time savers that can benefit you and your inquirer.

Here are 5 Ways You Can Incorporate Auto Responders to Compliment Your Website:

1. You can let others know that you have received their email and will respond within a certain amount of time. This eases their tension of waiting and gives you time to promptly and carefully respond to each individual email without being rushed.

2. Auto responders can be utilized to inform your inquirer that you will be out of the office for a few days and will respond when you return.

This helps prevent emails like the ones below while you're gone:

-- First Email: Hi, I have a question for you, etc...

-- Second Email: Hi, I wrote to you yesterday with a question. Did you get my email?...

-- Third Email: I still haven't heard from you. Are you there???

-- Fourth Email: Well, I guess you just don't want my business. Don't bother writing back!

... and you haven't read the "first email" yet.

3. Subscribers to your ezine or newsletter are able to receive their first issue automatically when they subscribe. This gives your subscribers "immediate gratification" for their efforts.

4. You can send an order confirmation to your customers immediately after their purchase. This method helps to soothe buyer's remorse until your customer receives the product.

5. Auto responders can also be used for thank you letters to customers and/or subscribers to let them know you appreciate their interest or business.

There are many other useful avenues you can take with auto responders. Use them wisely to save time and build effective relationships with your website visitors.

To build auto responders for your website, check with your hosting service for instructions. Most hosting services offer auto responders as a free service and will teach you how to use them.

Implement auto responders today to help your website grow.


About the teacher:
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