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5 Very Important Tips for Web Design Beginners

5 Very Important Tips for Web Design Beginners

Teacher: Candice Pardue

The tips below are for beginners just starting out in web design. I thought that you may be under a little stress in the beginning - I know how you feel. I've been there and am still learning as I go. When I first began in web design, I knew absolutely nothing about computer programming. I was not internet savvy, nor did I have experience with the program I was using. So I was definitely in the category of "beginner."

I'm still a beginner when it comes to some of the "fancy" stuff, but that didn't stop me from designing my own website and writing my own personal ezine - this one! So, relax, read the tips, and enjoy your learning experience...

Below are 5 Very Important Tips to Web Design Beginners:

1. Don't try to learn everything at once. Take your web design learning step by step. If you try to learn how to do everything up front, you will get confused and very discouraged, and probably end up quitting.

2. Leave logo and graphic "design" to the "techies" for now. Learn the basics of web design and internet functions first.

3. Have a plan. Why do you want to learn web design? Do you have a purpose for designing your own website? Ask yourself these questions before you get started.

4. Are you learning web design with the right software or program? This is important because some software is easier too understand for beginners. Our web design course uses Netscape Composer to train in web design. I found that Netscape Composer is the simplest program to use when training beginners.

5. Keep your new website simple. Try to stay focused on one subject, theme, business product, or topic whatever your website's purpose, keep it simple.

About the teacher:
Article written by Candice Pardue, Online Success for Internet Business. Subscribe to Web Design Weekly to receive weekly web and graphic design tips, articles and resources by email.....

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