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Building A Site You Like

Building A Site You Like

Teacher: Bob McElwain

Some webmasters say, "Hey, I like my site. If you don't, tough." In the end, we all have to take this position, for it is impossible to please everyone. Still, it's a good idea not to decide too soon. To put this another way, don't be in a hurry to open a new site. Or to modify one you already have. The following works for me.

Build two pages with different ideas on each. Maybe different borders, different kinds of buttons, maybe one without buttons at all, and so forth. Then ask friends and anyone you can find to answer some questions. Keep it simple, else the results may not be helpful. Something like: Do you like the border on PageA or the one on PageB. Most folks will be glad to answer four or five such questions.

The problem, of course, is they won't all agree. Hopefully, though, on a couple of points, you will get a consensus. And comments may help. Suppose one reply is, "The border on PageA is okay, but I like the one on PageB better." You can't count this as a vote for PageA, but this person is not likely to object to what is on PageA.

One element at over which there was much discussion is the bamboo which frames the left side of the page. I feel it is delightful. Two people suggested it was a bad idea. Most said it was okay, but preferred other options. Only three said they liked it. I decided to use it for two reasons. First, the three who said they liked it were very enthusiastic about it. Second, so am I.

I finally said, as you must at some point, "I like my site." However, I'm open to suggestions. Have you got one?

About the teacher:
Bob helps webmasters grow their sites by showing them how to work smarter for more fun and profit with less effort. He has been marketing on the Web since 1993. Visit his newest site: http://SiteTipsAndTricks.Com. Subcribe to STAT News Now: join-stat@lyris.dundee.net

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