SiteProCentral’s Advertisers Special

The advantages of advertising at SiteProCentral are:

  1. You get a static link that search engines will see. This will give you a boost in ranking.
  2. Only 20 static links per page.
  3. You choose the page. This means your link will be relevant to the content of that page. This is more valuable to search engines.
  4. SiteProCentral’s traffic grows by 10% a month. Currently 310,000 page views a month.
  5. We are linked to by a large number of sites. See how many pages link to us in: Yahoo Back links   MSN Back links . Google does not currently show many back links. Ask any search engine expert and they will tell you that Google takes a long time to show back links. Google currently shows about 5. Wait and see what happens when they update and show over 200 like Yahoo and MSN. Our traffic will take a big jump and your advertising will become even more effective.

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