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How To Make Your Resource Box Sell

How To Make Your Resource Box Sell

Teacher: Michael Southon

Ezine Articles - they're everywhere! And little wonder. They're one of the fastest ways of building traffic to your website. But what many people overlook is the Resource Box. It's almost as important as your Article. After all, your traffic comes to you through your Resource Box.

Writing your Resource Box is an art in itself. You have very little space (5 or 6 lines) and you want to make the most of it. Here are four key elements your Resource Box should contain.

1) Your Name
Remember, one of the reasons Ezine Articles are such a powerful promotion tool is that they brand your name, they establish your reputation as a an expert. So the first line of your Resource Box should be a short sentence that gives your name and tells the reader what you do on the Internet.

2) Your website URL
This is pretty straightforward - you want people to visit your website. But there's another reason for including your website URL. As well as being published in Ezines, your Articles will also be published on websites, often with a live link to your website URL. And that's going to do wonders for your link-popularity. Remember, the major Search Engines are making link-popularity one of the key factors in ranking their search results.

3) Your Newsletter subscribe address
A given reader may not purchase your product, they may not even click through to your website, but why not at least capture their email address? Remember that the average person has to see your message seven times before they buy your product.

4) Something FREE!
Your Resource Box is probably one of a dozen other Ads in the same Ezine, all clamoring for attention. Offer something free and you'll vastly increase the chances of a reader clicking through to your website.

About the teacher:
Michael Southon is the author of the popular new eBook, 'Ezine Writer!' Discover how to dramatically increase your traffic and sales, starting today: www.ezine-writer.com
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