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How to Write and Profit with E-zine Articles

How to Write and Profit with E-zine Articles

Teacher: Lonnie Greenawalt

After you have been on the Internet for a while, you more than likely have run across some E-zines or newsletters, subscribed to a few or many, and have started to develop a sense of what this Internet craze is all about.

Before the Internet came along, the best way to gain any information was through the Library, encyclopedias at home, newspapers, radio, or TV. Now, with just the touch of a mouse, you can acquire more information on any subject than you ever could.

Once you have started to narrow down your areas of interest, you will still find many E-zines that cover your interests.

You will also begin to recognize some of the names that you see over and over, even in different E-zines, as authors of articles. With a well written article, the author has already started to develop subtle relationship with you.

That is called "Name Recognition" and develops into "Credibility" for the author. With the Resource Box at the end of the article, the author is also receiving free publicity.

Do you think that these authors are born-writers, best-seller authors, or unassailable up on their writing pedestal?

Some are, but the majority are just like you and me.

Are you aware that you, too, can write articles that can be included in E-zines?

Everyone has an area of expertise. It may be what you do at work, a hobby you have, or what you do in your spare time. And you don't have to be an English Professor to write a well-received article.

First, you must decide what your topic will be for the article.

You will find that for the second step it is useful to go to the search engines and directories and find 4 or 5 related articles to your topic. This will help you to start organizing your thoughts. With so much information on the Internet, you will find this to be not as hard as you might think.

Next, after you are just bursting to get started, it is time to put your thoughts on paper. It helps to write a rough draft about what you want to say and start to polish and flesh out the article.

Remember, the three main ingredients to an article are;

Introduction - The first two or three paragraphs should state what you are wanting to say, the problem you may be trying to solve for the reader, or anything that is related to the topic. This is just to get the flow of the article going.

Body - This is where you attempt to solve the problem, explain what the topic is all about, or show your "How-to" expertise. Don't get carried away with just putting filler in your article. It is better to keep things short and sweet and still cover all the parts you want.

Conclusion - The last part of the article is where you conclude your article. You can't just stop the flow of the article, you need to wind down to a natural type conclusion.

A helpful hint; Stay on topic. Don't be talking about fishing and then switch over to your mother-in-law, unless it may be humorous story about your mother-in-law and fishing.

The title of this article also includes how-to profit from your article and we will get into that now.

Some of the E-zine articles that you read are really a low-grade sales letter. To start out it is best to avoid writing those types of articles, as many publishers are looking for content rich articles and not sales letters.

The purpose of the article is to get your name known and build traffic to your website or subscribers for your own E-zine. So, you want as many publishers to use your article as possible.

Now, you might be wondering, "Exactly, how can I profit from writing an article?" At the end of every article is a Resource Box that has your name and an actual Classified Ad for your website, product you may be selling, how to subscribe to your E-zine, and the list goes on and on.

How to make a resource box is too much to cover in this article, so I have included a couple of samples to show you what you can do. Most publishers will only let the Resource Box contain 5-6 lines so keep it short.

The first Resource Box is from Marty Foley, who is an Internet Marketing Expert in his own right with numerous articles and books related to marketing on the Internet.

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The next Resource Box is one that I use frequently. It helps to have three or four ready to copy-and-paste, depending on what you want to advertise.

Lonnie Greenawalt - http://marketingready.com
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For a Resource Box that is short and to the point, check this one out. Jim Daniels has been on the internet for quite a while and is deeply involved in Internet Marketing.

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The Resource Box is the key to where you can make a profit by writing free articles to be distributed all over the Internet. Spend some time on building your Resource Box to get the best response possible.

You will be amazed at the amount of traffic you can receive from a content-rich article and a great Resource Box.

About the teacher:
Lonnie Greenawalt has written numerous articles focusing on Internet Marketing, e-zine marketing, and how-to's for your Home-Based Business. To Subscribe to his e-zine and enter a drawing for a FREE PENTIUM III COMPUTER, place SUBSCRIBE in the BODY of an e-mail to marketing-news@oaknetpub.com


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