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Browser compatibility testing

Now you can Test any browser on any OS with BrowserCam’s Virtual Test Bank

As you know browser compatibility is important if you want evey visitor to see your site as intended.

In the past, web design companies needed test stations which comprised of a Mac, a PC loaded with every browser combination possible. Those days are over with the advent of services like BrowserCam: Cutting edge web developer tools for browsercams virtual test bank. Free trial., where you have the ability to log on to their bank of computers via remote software.

Let’s say you wanted to test compatibility on a mac computer running firefox with the flash plugin installed. Just log into the remote server and choose that configuration. Almost instantly get a view of how that page will look.

As far as we know, there’s really nothing like it. Log into any of their machines remotely using a simple program called VNC. They have a growing library of operating systems and configurations. Simply select the operating system you want and click connect. They will allocate a dedicated machine from their server farm for your immediate use. They have Macintoshes, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP machines, and Linux machines, all in a variety of configurations.

BrowserCam: Test any browser on any OS with BrowserCam’s Virtual Test Bank >>. Free trial.


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