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The Classified List NEW! Added 7/14/04
A resource for placing nationwide classified ads.  A great resource for marketing.

Ed Charkow's SuperChargedLinking
From the product,"Instantly verify your links, and see accurate detailed info. This software can even be set to automatic mode working while your sleep. You gain assurance and confidence you have a growing linkage in place, with a simple login to your control panel."

Affiliate Customizer  Added 11/16/03
Get your affiliates selling more of your products.  Easy to use software tool saves your affiliates time and money.  Comes with your own brander. 

Affiliate Diamond  Added 11/13/03
Easy to use software program allowing you to cloak affiliate links.  Salespage and bonus programs are located in the help file. 

Desktop Follow-up  Added 11/11
This autoresponder sits on your desktop.  It's too easy!  No complicated scripts.  You don't need a server, host, or anything (well...just an email server)! The autoresponder will check your email server at various intervals and send out reply emails. 

Filter Buster Version 2  Added 7/8/2003
Keep your emails from ending up in your customers trash can.  New and improved from the original version.  Salespage can be downloaded from within the program.

Web Radar  Added 5/18/2003
Website script that checks internet connection speeds.  A great tool that keep visitors coming back.

Brandable 3 Minute Headline Creator  Added 4/28/2003
A nice piece of BRANDABLE  software designed to be given away for free (or you can charge).  Your customers get the software for free...but if they wish to resell it...they must purchase the rights for $27 through YOU!  This program will do 3 things: (1 Build your mailing list (2 Make $$ from selling the resell rights and (3 Create some great headlines!

Magic Subscriber  Added 3/14/2003
Software program for creating an "opt-in" email collector. We have only found one other seller on ebay offering this product (at $27). 

Search Engine Marketing

Keyword Coach Added 7/10/04
This software allows you to take any website and pull a report of every word used on that site.  It will list the word, as well as how many times that particular word is used.  You can monitor sites with great search engine rankings and REALLY analyze their content.

Profitable Keywords  Added 12/14/03
Software that instantly searches google for the top 20 listings for any particular keyword(s).  With a click of a button, you can then examine each site's meta tags/keywords and see what helps contribute to the site's high search engine rankings. 

Rank Me!  Added 11/11/04
Software that allows you to monitor your Google search engine rankings for various keywords.


EXE Vault Added 4/11/03
A handy locking tool that will prevent any exe file from being opened.

Secret Copyrighter  Added 2/15/04
A software program that places data on private places in zip files and images.  The ultimate way to prove what is yours.

Site Firewall Pro  Added 1/18/04
This script can block IP addresses as well as spam robots...not to mention a host of other features.

Web Guardian  Added 1/15/04
From the product..."Every Day Hackers, Spammers, Pirates And Thieves Target Vulnerable Internet Businesses .  Protect Your Web Site Now With This Powerful Collection Of Security Products.  Includes Full Master Resale Rights And Money Making Branding System."

Download Protector  Added 11/13/04
Easy to use software that will quickly lock down your download pages. 

PayPal™ Paylock Generator Suite  Added 7/19/2003
The Paylock Generator builds and secures your Paypal buttons.  This way you can automate delivery of your digital products without worrying  about your download link being stolen.

Workflow Resources

Action Pak Gold  Added 5/12/2004
Action scripts that work with Adobe Photoshop.  This look like a fantastic product for creating website graphics but I'm yet to check it out - feedback please.

Affiliate Organizer  Added 2/15/2004
Software program that allows you to keep up with your affiliate program passwords and usernames... and also places for you to enter in html for affiliate banners, links, etc.

PC Timecard  Added 10/31/03
Software that monitors computer time, as well as when system goes on and off; even keeps a history.

PC Performance  Added 10/31/03
Software that keeps track of your system and lets you know when it's not up to par. Quick access to the program too.

Backup Pro  Added 4/2/2003
Click here to download the Backup Pro webpage
Backup all your important files with ease.  If you've ever had your PC or website server crash, you'll appreciate what this tools does.  Easy and FAST to use.

Development Helpers

Contact Form Creator  Added 3/18/04
A great tool that sets up a php file for creating quick and easy contact forms with maximum function. It can either have 1 email address or give a choice.  Contact forms like this are a great way of avoiding spam. Your email address isn't put into the html. Prefix the email subject for easy sorting.

Dead Link Bloodhound  Added 3/18/04
Software that checks your website for dead links.  It can quickly and efficiently handle hundreds of links with no trouble.

Blog In A Box  Added 1/27/04
From the product..."ANYONE Can Create Their Own Blog Quickly AND Successfully Make A Profit, Even If They Have NO IDEA What A Blog Actually Is".

Random PHP Machine  Added 1/11/03
Now you can quickly and easily change your website's background or graphics every time the page loads. 

Easy PDF Publishers Toolkit  Added 11/27/03
Create PDF Files In a Few Simple Clicks! Finally there's an easy way to publish stunning PDF files,
without wasting a lot of time and money.  Five minutes from now you can start transforming any of your documents - text, images, web pages, whatever - into universally readable PDF files.

Menu Tree Added 9/26/2003
Does your website need a menu or site map?  The search engines think so!  In fact, having this additional indexing page allows the search engines to quickly grab ALL of your links.  Don't leave it to chance! 

Instant Quote  Added 9/17/2003
Now you can easily add Quotes of the Day, Tip of the Day, Today's Special and more to your site!

News Installer  Added 9/16/2003
The Sophisticated News Ticker.  Simple Typewriter style that allows links and text! Super easy to use! Super easy to install to your website.

Bookmark Popup  Added 9/16/2003
Want to offer a popup bookmark to surfers? You will Get more bookmarks with this easy to use script.  Just add to your page and upload.

Error Corrector  Added 9/16/2003
Error Corrector will catch your website's "Page Not Found", 404 error, and show a custom page to the user.  Don't let web browsers leave your site out of frustration!

Drop Down Wizard  Added 5/18/2003
Easily create drop down menus for your website.  Extremely easy to use.

Domain Alarm  Added 5/6/2003
Software that alerts you anytime your website isn't working properly. The software will be updated over the next few days.  The pings are currently set LOW.

ThumbNail-it!  Added 4/24/2003
A nice software program that will quickly thumbnail entire folders.  I just sold a copy to a seller on ebay motors.  He thumbnails groups of car photos into his description page and then links to the larger photos. In the past, he had been reducing the image size one at a time! This software will take an unlimited amount of images and then turn them all into small thumbnail previews.

More Software Resources

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