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Building an Opt-in List

Building an Opt-in List

Teacher: Shelley Lowery

Developing your own list of targeted potential customers is the absolute most important marketing strategy you can use.

No matter what strategies you're currently using, if you're not collecting the email addresses of your potential customers, you're literally guaranteeing your failure.

Opt-in lists provide you with the ability to create a targeted list of potential customers in which you can advertise on a continual basis. You will have a direct line of communication, which will increase your sales considerably.

The key to creating an effective opt-in list is to provide your subscribers with quality information. The best way to do this is to provide them with a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly ezine. An ezine is a newsletter or publication that is sent to subscribers who have chosen to receive your publication.

For further information on creating an ezine, download the free ebook, "Ezines: A Complete Guide to publishing."http://www.web-source.net/free_ebooks.htm

In order to build a database of potential customers and start collecting email addresses, you'll first need to set up a mailing list. This mailing list must enable your visitor's to submit their information and subscribe them to your list.

There are many free list services that will enable you to set up a mailing list. However, they are not recommended. They will not allow you to personalize your messages with your subscriber's names and they require your visitor to reply to a confirmation message.

If you'd rather not have to set up your own system, I highly recommend a great new script called, OptIn Lightning. This script is like none other you've ever seen. It will increase your subscriptions up to 500%, as your subscriber won't have to fill out a single form. When your page loads, an alert box will appear asking them if they'd like to subscribe to your publication. They simply click on "OK" or "Cancel." That's it... If they click on OK, they will instantly be subscribed with absolutely no forms. For further information, visit: http://www.web-source.net/cgi-bin/web/jump.cgi?ID=513

Building Your Subscriber Base
There are many powerful ways to build your subscriber base. However, for this article, we will only focus on the "best" ways.Your Website

Place a subscription box on every page of your website. Make sure you don't overlook this powerful means of gaining new subscribers. Your visitors will enter your website from many other pages other than your main page. They may never even visit your main page, so make sure your subscription box is visible on every page of your website.

Incentive Subscriptions

This powerful means of obtaining subscribers entails offering your visitors a free gift in return for their subscription. This free gift may be a free ebook, software, or report. This method of obtaining new subscribers will increase your subscription rate immensely.

Download free ebooks that you may use as incentives here:

Writing Articles

Write informative articles and allow them to be freely published. By writing articles, you can significantly increase your subscriptions. The key to using this method effectively is to include your subscription information within your bylines.

Free Ebooks

Create a powerful free ebook and allow it to be freely distributed. Place your subscription box on each page. Your ebook will have the potential to be viewed by millions of Internet users.

Creating and developing an opt-in list is an absolute must. You must take every opportunity to promote your publication and gain new subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the more sales you'll make. Make sure you don't overlook this powerful method of making sales.

About the teacher:
Shelley Lowery is the author of Ebooks: A Complete Guide to Self Publishing. Stop by Web-Source.net and download a free copy. It is jam-packed with valuable information and will teach you everything you'll need to know to create a professional ebook. http://www.web-source.net/free_ebooks.htm

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