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The two basic options for taking payments online are: Your own merchant account or an online processor (listed below). The advantages of each depend on your situation. Online payment processors have larger per transaction fees but no monthly fees. This is good for a smaller company who want to know exactly what their costs will be. They only pay if they make a sale.

If you have your own merchant account the per transaction fees are considerably lower but there is a fixed monthly fee, usually around $100 a month. If you are going to sell lots of products, this may be your best option. But if you don't sell any products one month, you still pay the monthly fee.

Recommended Online Processors

Paypal now offers payment processing without the payee having to join PayPal, this eliminates one of the biggest complaints about PayPal and essentially makes them one of the best options today

A good payment processor which works seamlessly with your website.

If you intend to sell informational products, software or anything that can be downloaded, ClickBank is your best option.

Offering an almost instant online shopping cart. Easy to use wizard.

Recommended Credit Card iInformation

If you are looking for a credit card, you owe it to yourself to find a card that is right for you, not the card company. If I was going to apply for a credit card, I would visit Apply for a Credit Card. They have a list of over 100 cards that have been reviewed by consumers and rated based on cost and benefits. It is the only way to shop for a new credit card. Other financial information can be found at : a financial directory

More E Commerce Resources

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