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Did you Know? You can place this HTML color code tool on your websites free.

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This HTML color code tool is based on classic color theory pioneered by Johannes Itten in the mid 1900s. Johannes Itten developed a new kind of color wheel that changed the way color was seen. This wheel is still in use today.
The Johannes Itten wheel uses yellow, red and blue as its primary colors. (click on the '?' above for more details)

The Itten wheel is based on pigment but exists in a computer world. This allows us to 'break' some rules and interpret the wheel differently. The original color wheel is now converted into a computerized version known as the RYB (red yellow blue) color wheel. (click '?' above) In the computerized version we are able to include all the transition colors which are divided into 360 colors to correspond with 360 degrees of a circle. Each degree represents a different hue (color). This is very different from the usual RGB (red green blue) color wheel used in most computer applications like Photoshop and in web design using HTML.

To calculate good color combinations, the tool has to do a number of conversions. If you input a RGB or HTML color code (HEX code), the tool has to first convert this to the pigment based, Johannes Itten, red, yellow and blue color space. After this it makes the calculations based on the color model. Then it converts back to RGB color. During this calculation, some color shifting will occur. This is due to the fact that RGB has millions of possible colors, but the RYB color space has about 4000.

More information on using the HTML color tool and different color models can be found by clicking on the '?' above.


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