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Give People A Reason To Link!

Give People A Reason To Link!

Teacher: Larry Dotson

Have you ever visited a web site and they ask you to link to their site...and that's it?! They give you no reason to link. I have to be honest, I won't link to a web site unless I get some kind of benefit. If you want people to link to your web site give them something in return. The following are some reasons I might link to another web site:

The web site offers a reciprocal link in return. It must draw the same targeted visitors as my web site. They agree to give me the same kind of link (banner, text, graphic, etc) in return. The link must also be in the same position on their web site as it is on mine.

The web site gives away free stuff for linking. They may give me a free membership in their online club or association, offer me a free ad in their ebook, submit my site to thousands of search engine and directories, free e-mail consulting, etc.

The web site is a useful resource for my visitors. It must attract the same targeted visitors as mine. The site might have a free online service I could offer my visitors. They may offer a free e-mail course I could give away to my visitors.

The web site offers a free affiliate program. The product or service must be something my visitors would purchase. The affiliate program must supply online stats and proven ads.

If you give them a reason, you'll increase the number of people that link to your web site.

About the teacher:
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