Non Exclusive Copyright licence Sample Template
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Non Exclusive Copyright licence Sample Template

Please cut and paste the Non Exclusive Copyright licence Sample Template below. Use this sample to structure your own copyright or simply replace the blanks with. This template is offered free for your use.


_________________(The "Copyright Owner") hereby grants ______________________

("Licensee") permission to copy, display and distribute copies of ____________________________ (the "copyright work"),

[Insert a precise description of the works to be licensed. Include all identifying details, including where and when it was previously published. If a hard copy is available insert at the end of the description "as show in the attached exhibit A" and mark and attach the hard copy]

for a period of three (3) years commencing _________ and ending _____________, and to incorporate the non exclusive copyright work, in whole or in part, into derivative works.

Display rights of the Licensee shall be limited to display only on Licensee's current web sites. Licensee's right to distribute shall be limited to distribution only through Licensee's current web sites, and Licensee shall allow users of its web sites only to 1) copy or download the copyright work for personal non-commercial use, and 2) to transmit copies by email, for their personal, non-commercial use only; provided that users agree not to change or delete any copyright or proprietary notices.

The Copyright Owner retains all other rights in the copyright work, including without limitation, the right to licence, copy, distribute, publish, display or modify the copyright work, and to transfer, assign or grant license of any such rights.




Copyright Owner

The above Non Exclusive Copyright licence Sample Template should be edited for your own use. This is only intended as a sample.


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