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Forget everything you have been told about search engine promotion!

We at SiteProCentral thought we knew a thing or two, until we came across Brad Callen.

Brad has now teamed up with another SEO expert (Shawn Pringle) to produce what is in fact the best website promotion software we have seen and we have seen them all.

How do you get those coveted first page listings? Drum roll please… Let me warn you. What I’m about to reveal is so simple that you may miss it. So here it comes. The secret is: Analyze EVERY bit of a top listed site and duplicate and improve on what they did. Sounds simple. It is simple. However…

What information do you analyze? And. Do you have time to manually analyze the many factors that combine to put a site in the top of the search engines?

The following two software applications will analyze the top position in minutes and show you exactly what you need to do to your site to get there. Application 1: Total Optimizer – Application 2: SEO Elite

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