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The advantages of adding your link to SiteProCentral are:

  1. You get a static link that search engines will see. This will give you a boost in ranking.
  2. Only 20 static links per page.
  3. The link is part of the page which looks more like a recommendation than an advert.
  4. You choose the page*. This means your link will be relevant to the content of that page. This is more valuable to search engines.
  5. SiteProCentral’s traffic grows by 10% a month. Currently 300,000+ page views a month.
  6. We are linked to by a large number of sites. See how many pages link to us in: Yahoo Back links   MSN Back links .
  7. Number 1 in Yahoo and MSN for ‘HTML color Code’ these listings lead people to the site and then they browse.

Remember that incoming links are more valuable when they get older. If a site has linked
to your site for 6 months that is more valuable than 1 month.


Note: Stats from December 2005 – christmas week was quieter than usual, so you can add at least 10% to the figures below

Page Rank:
Home Page and Colour Tool Page PR5
Most other pages PR 4

Page Views:
The average monthly page views is 300,000+.

Individual Visitors (sessions):
50,000+ Individual visitors per month

Premium pages:30 Days FREE then $17.70 per month.
Regular pages:30 Days FREE then $4.70 per month.
Regular pages with reciprocal (DISCOUNTED!):30 Days FREE then $2.70 permonth.
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