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Choosing a Web Host

There are 3 basic options:

  1. Dedicated server.
    This option is good for large companies who need total control over the server. No other website will be hosted on the server. You will also have root access for administration.
    Average Cost: $80 to $300 a month
  2. IP Based Hosting
    IP based hosting is basically shared hosting but with your own unique IP address. This means that your site will share space on a dedicated server.
    Average Cost: $15 to $30 a month
  3. Name Based Hosting
    Name based hosting is like IP hosting above, but you do not have a dedicated IP number.
    Average Cost: $5 to $15 a month

Which one is right for you?

A dedicated server is right for a large company who needs absolute control. If you are in doubt about a dedicated server, I suggest the services of a consultant or a visit to BlueHost dedicated server page for more information. In short, when you need a dedicated server you usually know it. Why choose between IP and name based hosting? If you intend to set up your own payment processing and need a secure certificate, you will need a dedicated IP number. If you are going to promote your site by search engine you should also get a dedicated IP.

The Best Web Hosting Companies

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